James I. Livingstone
President & CEO
Chief Mountain, Montana

What We Do

  1. We Farm-In on plays that can benefit from RCT
  2. Source gas and CBM opportunities where the formation can be damaged from conventional drilling operations
  3. Use our Reverse Circulation Technology (RCT) to obtain pristine reservoir information, so the best completion method is selected
  4. Evaluate large acreage positions quickly for reservoir potential and commercial viability.
  5. Eliminate wellbore methane leaks and protect groundwater by applying Reverse Circulation Cementing (RCC) technology to the surface casing operation
  6. Obtain uncontaminated pristine quality core samples using the Air Hammer Coring technology


What We Don't

  1. We do not improve the quality of the reservoir, if it is low perm rock, we avoid formation damage and open up more of the reservior with deviated or horizontal drilling
  2. We are not a drilling contractor and own no rigs
  3. We prefer not to operate gas plants, gathering systems, or pipelines
  4. We do not spend a lot on overhead, but prefer to spend on R&D

Areas of Activity

South & Central Alberta and British Columbia, and Southern Saskatchewan as well as Texas and Northern Montana

Patented Drilling, Coring &
Cementing Technologies

“We are the only E&P company with the operating experience to use Reverse Circulating Center Discharge drilling and our Air Drying technology . Our learning curve is completed and we can handle whatever downhole conditions a conventional or unconventional well can present to us. The two newest technologies Air Hammer Coring and Reverse Circulating Cementing will complete their field trails in 2010.“

Reverse Circulation Center Discharge (RCCD) Air Hammer Coring (AHC) & Reverse Circulating Cementing (RCC) are all new and innovative technologies that give us a huge advantage

Flow path of drilling fluid using double wall drill pipe or coil tubing.

AHC system provides uncontaminated, quality cores.

RCC cements water zones without setting casing.